Swap Tokens on Uniswap

Swapping tokens on Uniswap likely requires some interaction with the Uniswap SDK in order to generate the path and assetAmountparameters shown below.
import {
} from '@enzymefinance/protocol';
// create a local signer connected to your chosen Ethereum node
const provider = providers.StaticJsonRpcProvider(ethNodeAddress, ethNetwork);
const signer = new Wallet(managerEthPrivateKey, provider);
// the address of the adapter for the extension you wish to use
const uniswapV2Adapter = '0x23sdfsn...'; // for example only
// the address of the protocol release's integration manager contract
const integrationManagerAddress = '0x32sdf...'; // for example only
// the address of your vault's comptroller
const comptrollerAddress = '0x8syweo...'; // for example only
// assemble the arguments for the integration
const takeOrderArgs = uniswapV2TakeOrderArgs({
path: aPath, // for example only
minIncomingAssetAmount: aMinIncomingAssetAmount, // for example only
outgoingAssetAmount: anOutgoingAssetAmount, // for example only
// assemble and encode the arguments for callOnExtension()
const callArgs = callOnIntegrationArgs({
adapter: uniswapV2Adapter,
selector: takeOrderSelector,
encodedCallArgs: takeOrderArgs,
// instantiate your comptroller
const vaultComptroller = new ComptrollerLib(comptrollerAddress, signer);
const swapTx = vaultComptroller.callOnExtension.args(
const swapTxReceipt = await swapTx.send();
console.log('Pending transaction:', swapTxReceipt.transactionHash);
console.log('Transaction included in block number:', swapTxReceipt.blockNumber);