The Enzyme SDK is a collection of TypeScript classes that represent the contracts composing the Enzyme Protocol. By correctly importing and instantiating these classes, a developer can call all of the on-chain methods necessary to to interact with Enzyme, whether from the perspective of a Vault Manager or an Investor.

As a developer, it is important to understand the protocol's contract architecture before attempting to build an app using the SDK. Detailed documentation can be found here, but at a high level, each Vault is two smart contracts deployed to Ethereum. Those contracts interact with Enzyme Finance infrastructure contracts (e.g. the FundDeployer) and extensions (e.g. the PolicyManager) which exist independent of but can be referenced by any vault or end user.

Additionally, during development it's helpful to refer to the protocol codebase to confirm function parameters and return values.

This site does not currently provide extensive documentation of the SDK, but it does give an overview of the basic patterns required to interact with the contract methods in the examples below.

Investor Examples

Buying Shares in an Enzyme VaultRedeeming Shares in an Enzyme Vault

Vault Manager Examples

Swap Tokens on UniswapEditing a Vault's Permissioned InvestorsAdding Authorized Traders

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