Adding Authorized Traders

Grant permission to accounts to trade on behalf of your Vault
You may want to grant or revoke approval from a particular Ethereum address to make trades on behalf of your Vault. Below is the process for querying which addresses are currently and editing that list appropriately.
import { IntegrationManager } from '@enzymefinance/protocol';
import { providers, Wallet } from 'ethers';
// an example provider
const provider = providers.StaticJsonRpcProvider(ethNodeAddress, ethNetwork);
// an example wallet (a subclass of Signer that can be called directly)
const wallet = new Wallet(investorsEthPrivateKey, provider)
// the IntegrationManager contract address, available at
const integrationManagerAddress = '0x23k20d...';
// the Vault's comptroller address, available at the vault dashboard at
const vaultComptrollerAddress = '0x2d9es...';
// an arbitrary address; we'll permission it if it's not already and
// revoke permission if it is.
const arbitraryAddress = '0x94d0s...';
// instantiate the Integration Manager contract
const integrationManagerContract = new IntegrationManager(
// determine whether the arbitrary address is currently permissioned
const isCurrentlyPermissioned = await integrationManagerContract.isAuthUserForFund(
// conditionally instantiate the transaction
const authUserTx = !isCurrentlyPermissioneded
? integrationManagerContract.addAuthUserForFund.args(
: integrationManagerContract.removeAuthUserForFund.args(
// send the transaction
const authUserTxReceipt = await authUserTx.send();
console.log('Pending transaction:', authUserTxReceipt.hash);
console.log('Transaction included in block number:', authUserTxReceipt.blockNumber);